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Ale Burset

Award Winning Advertising Photographer: Cars / Sports / Lifestyle / Portrait



Award Winning Photography & CGI Studio: Campaigns / Fantasy / Animals / People / Product

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Garrigosa Studio

Award Winning Photography & CGI Studio: Campaigns / People / Animals / Sports / Still Life / Fantasy / Portrait

About D’ELE Print

Our Print Department was derived from Elephoto, the former photography production company with over 10 years experience in the advertising industry in China. It inherits Elephoto’s professional operating system, and expands into a service with an international talent pool, consisting of both photographers and illustrators.

Our main purpose of image creation, is to meet the demands of print advertising, in a wide range of brand campaigns. Here you will find photographic expertise in all different areas like sports, life style, high speed shoot, food, and celebrities, as well as 2D illustrators with different media techniques. Most of all, these artists are not only gifted with a strong commercial sense, but are also artistically talented with a unique style of their own.

For more versatile visual solutions, please visit D’ELE Digital or simply contact us for any enquiries.


Ruud Baan

Advertising Photographer: Sports / Music / Dance / Portraits / Celebrity / Fashion / Underwater


Andric Ljubodrag

Advertising Photographer: Campaign / Landscape / Still Life


Daniel Chassein

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer


Kota Watanabe

Still Life Photographer: Cosmetics / Jewelry / Musical instrument / Watches / Product


Simon Winnall

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer

Editorial Part I_thumbnail

Sun YiHui

Shanghai's new breed of Still Life Photographer: Food & Drinks / Product / Deco

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Stefan Schmid

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer


Mak Kah Heng

Lifestlye and Advertising Photographer: Campaigns / People / Automobile


Coco Amardeil

Fun, Whimsical and Bright photography: Fashion / Decor / Advertising / Conceptual / Kids / Video

Jesse Choo_thumbnail

Jesse Choo

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer: Campaigns / People / Automobile / Product


Ele Jin

Fashion and Advertising Photographer: Lifestyle / Portrait / Celebrity / Sports / Kids&Baby / Products


Stanislav Solntsev

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer: Life style / People / Kids / Portrait / Sports / Landscape / Travel


Wojtek Rudzki

Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer


Zhu Hai

Still Life and Travel photographer: Decor / Interior / Exterior / Hotels / Travel / Portrait


Alessandro Dealberto

Advertising Photographer: Sports / People / Campaigns


Nicholas Siau

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer

Ben Lim_artist_thumbnail

Ben Lim

Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer