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7 November, 2018

UnionPay App Brand Campaign, photographed by Li Peng

Tmall 1111_2018_thumbnail

7 November, 2018

Tmall 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 10th Anniversary Print Campaign, Photography and CGI by Carioca Studio

Nivea x Fluffy House_thumbnail

1 November, 2018

Nivea x Fluffy House Print Campaign, Photographed by Sun Yihui

Huawei Nova_Tmall_thumbnail

25 October, 2018

Huawei x Tmall 11.11 Print Campaign, photographed by Ele Jin


15 October, 2018

Freshippo x Tmall 11.11 10th Anniversary Print, 3D illustration by Future Power Station


8 October, 2018

Huawei Nova3 Billboard H5, GIF Content directed by Zhu Hai

Coke MiniCans_thumbnail

29 September, 2018

Coca Cola China 40 years Anniversary Animation, Directed by Dario Imbrogno


28 September, 2018

SKII Art of Travel Animation, created by Future Power Station


25 September, 2018

Costa 2018 Autumn Poster, photographed by Sun Yihui

Huawei Paris Lifestyle_thumbnail

14 September, 2018

Huawei Paris Lifestyle Social Posters, Photographed by Shu Akashi

Quaker_Crispy Fruity Oats_thumbnail

20 June, 2018

Quaker Crispy Fruity Oats Print Campaign Featuring Super Model, He Sui, photographed by Ele Jin and Sun Yihui

McD High school_thumbnail

5 June, 2018

McDonald's High School Print Campaign, photographed by Yang Tan


5 June, 2018

Harbin Pull Cap Print Campaign, photographed by Ele Jin and Sun Yihui

Coke Fifa Summer Campaign_thumbnail

31 May, 2018

Coca Cola 2018 Summer Campaign, photographed by Stefan Schmid


25 May, 2018

Tmall 618 Summer Campaign, photographed by Stefan Schmid


16 May, 2018

Panthère de Cartier Fashion Film Featuring Xin Zhilei, directed by Jingyi Shao